The Campaign So Far

As told by Laucian Siannodel

It all started with Darigan Mollus, Thouch Martumal and I meeting up at the fort of ???? to investigate an odd occurrence that happened just north of the Elven territories. The odd occurrence is the overnight construction of a Keep made of iron.

Investigation showed that it was Vanian Maraen, who wanted to turn his back on Zaunduill and join the resistance. He thought that getting close to my peoples lands would arouse curiosity and bring members of the resistance he could then speak to. We escorted him to my King, Chath’Elgg, where he was confirmed as an ally.

We then went back to the fort which was under attack by the barbarians. The barbarians seemed very well organized so we went to investigate the Frozen Wastes and the newly built barbarian city of Tranigmor. Prior to leaving for Tranigmor we met up with Filosial Nailo, a druid, and Lobelad Quello’Elehna who came with us to investigate. We took a boat form the Elven Port of ??? to an area south of the barbarians city where it waited for us to return

Preliminary scouting of the city with illusory disguises provided by Vanian showed that it was well constructed and with materials not normally found in the Frozen Wastes. We found out that the supplies to build the city were stolen from the human shipping from Ressan and other supplies were provided from unmarked boats from the west. We believe that these unmarked boats are ships sent by Zaundiull. We came to the conclusion that Zaundiull was supplying the barbarians so as to make a large expendable army to throw at their enemies.

With the new realization we set out for the city of Faern. We were able to meet back up with our craft and within the day we were in the great fortress city of Faern. We were able to get an audience with the King were we told him the information we learned. He suggested that we went to Ressan to inform the resistance of this information, but first we should rest.

We had a look around the city where I meet Cionur wandering around asking people where a tavern was. He didn’t speak dwarven and neither did I, but we were able to find one by finding the rest of the party. Before we left we meet with the King, as he asked us to, and he had Agrar (Azgar) come with us to be the dwarven face when we went to our meeting with the resistance.

We left the city of Faern and traveled south to the Dwarven outpost known as Buckgore Hall. We stayed the night then continued south. We found an area of the brush disturbed by recent cutting and went to investigate. We found a druid grove that had been slaughtered by unknown assailants. Filosial was able to reincarnate the leader of the druids as a hawk and we asked her what happened. Where we found out the death bringers assaulted the grove. We buried the rest of the dead and with our new companion continued to travel south. While traveling, the death bringers ambushed us. We were able to defeat the assassins and proceeded farther south.

We came upon a camp set a little ways away from the road and went to investigate. Vanian and Darigan detected a lot of magic so we continued our investigation, when we figured out that it was a camp of Zaunduillians we ambushed them and defeated them. During the fight Darigan used one of his magical abilities that showed the chaotic nature of his magic, if he is unable to keep control of it we will be in trouble. After the battle when we were looking over the bodies of the fallen enemy we found that their arms and armor were enchanted, so naturally we took them.

We made haste back the the dwarven king to tell him of what happened with the Zaunduillians. He agreed that this information made the situation dire and the resistance , the elves, and the dwarves needed to unite to fight Zaundiull. He also informed us that the barbarians sent a huge army against my people, so Quello’Elehna decided that he needed to return to help in the fight.

We made haste south to the resistance in Ressan. When we finally got there they informed us that we need to tell the leaders of the resistance in ???, of what we had learned. So they got us a boat and by the next evening we were there.

We met up with the resistance and they had Darigan lead us to his order. There we relayed all the information we had and they were able to identify some of the enchanted items we picked up from the Zaunduill warriors. They had more recent news of the barbarian invasion that the Elven capitol was under siege. They also told us of a group of necromancers that lived in the far north east reaches of the Frozen Wastes that could be convinced to become allies against Zaundiull.

We then made haste to the eastern most human port where we had a boat take us to the Elven lands. When we arrived the port city was abandoned and we had to find a row boat for quick travel to the Elven capitol. When we arrived we meet up with some wounded soldiers, we secured a warehouse near the lake for the wounded and with one of the clerics set out to destroy the barbarians attacking the kings throne. During the fight Darigan again unleashed his chaotic magic which turned against us. The release of magic disintegrated his right arm and killed Filosial. The rest of us barely got out of the way of the blast. We were able to defeat the barbarians there, but then more came.

This time it was their general. We were able to talk to him and they said they only attacked because they’re 2000+ strong scouting party was attacked. We were wary at first but the general ceased his troops attack and left north back to his lands. After a quick discussion with the king we decided to go first to the necromancers in Evernight and then we would go to Tranigmor. Milo Tealeaf Baggins the halfling rogue from the resistance joined us. The king was able to finagle us a boat and off we went.

We traveled as swiftly as the elemental powered boat could to the frozen sea to get as close to Evernight as we could. Once we made it as far as we could by boat we traveled inland on foot for several days until we found the frozen fortress of Evernight. After investigating the perimeter and a near freezing of Thouch the necromancers agreed to our entry.

In the fortress the necromancers agreed to help us if we went through their dungeon to find a golden box. Near the beginning Darigan got stuck in a pit trap, and since none of us had rope he tried one of the scrolls he picked up from the Zaunduillians. We later found out he teleported into part of the ground where the nearest open area was on the surface and he died. After that the dungeon went well enough until we got split up into two groups. Azgar got killed by a trap and Cionur and Thouch Martumal had to carry his dead body around for a little while until we all were able to find each other. After finishing the logic puzzle at the end of the dungeon we took the golden box and left out the convenient exit tunnel. They agreed to help us, but never the exact terms so we a still unsure of them as allies. We then started to travel to Tanigmor.

The trip took us the better of two weeks. When a couple miles outside of Tranigmor we ran into a barbarian patrol. Since the peace with the elves was recent they decided to escort us into the city. We meet Eldon Underbough who was working with the barbarians, we talked with him and learned more about the barbarians, which confirmed that the Zaunduillians were behind the barbarians uniting and creating Tranigmor. To better our standing with the barbarians, as suggested by Eldon, we decided we would go in the arena. While there Cionur was injured and transformed into a huge half-dragon who then raged and ended up destroying the arena and starting fires in half the town. With this distraction we decided we would go confront the barbarian king and get information about Zaunduill from him.

When we confronted the king we found out it was some shapechanger that united the tribes. We then fought the king and slew him. With all the commotion we decided it would be best if we left. Vanian used his illusions to make Milo look like the king and we procured a boat and left for Faern.

We arrived at Faern and told the king all we found out. We were told that a barbarian boat arrived so we wnt out, with Milo disguised as the King again and talked to them. They said that the city has descended into chaos and that they came fearing for the kings safety. We convinced the dwarves to allow them to land and had them set up camp outside Faern.

Then Zaunduill attacked. With the barbarians aiding in the fight things went well against the first wave of enemies. Vincent Melora showed up with a revived Darigan. Then he second wave came along with some wizards. The wizards concentrated on the barbarians and the dwarves were nearly untouched. Darigan set up a force wall to protect our lines but Vince did not know this and fired the cannons of his machine which exploded when they hit the force wall killed Darigan and Thouch and nearly killed me. The force wall dropped when Darigan died but the enemy wizards did not know this and we were able to charge the enemy and kill most of the infantry. Quello’Elehna and Tavahtan Norogh showed up as the enemies were being defeated. As small amount of the Zaunduill force was able to retreat, however.

With most of the barbarian force destroyed their leader, Greeba, sent them home. He stayed and talked to us as he had figured out that we tricked the barbarians with illusions. We talked with the king and all our allies. During the talking, Eldon sneaked off and told his master, Dethanus about what had happened. Cionur was incapacitated and Vanian was kidnapped by Zaunduill. With this new problem we went on a rescue mission to get Vanian. We left the incapacitated Cionur under the care of the Dwarves hidden inside Vince’s machine and went to rescue Vanian.

The entire party now consisted of Vince, Quello’Elehna and guards, Tavahtan and guards, Greeba, Darigan, Milo, Agrar, Thouch, and myself. *Note to players: Jynx does not exist

We took one of the Dwarven ships and set sail for Zaunduill. The trip took a day and a half. We took shore at the ruins of Calmalda. Leaving Greeba to guard the ship, we traveled through the ruins til we ran into the wall of the city. Darigan used his magic to blow a hole in the wall which sent off alarms. We dispatched the few guards that came to attack us and proceeded to break into a building to find someone to question about the city.

After breaking into the house we had to fight the occupants because they were wizards and kept fighting back. WE then ransacked the house finding magical weapons, armors, and other devices we could use. We also found information about the city and got mage robes to better blend in.

We look around the city after resting and found the entrance to the dungeons. We had to fight the guards so we could get past with our weapons. One of the guards, Mensher, could not be killed, but due to his multiple personality disorder, we were able to convince him to bring us to Vanian’s cell. When we got to his cell, he had already begun a break for it dispatching the guards and creating a teleportation circle. We were confused but glad that we could leave. We had Vanian scry upon Greeba to see where he was and all we say was a pile of dung, so since he was dead we left him.

After teleporting we were back at Buckgore Hall. The outpost was in general goo repair but the Dwarves were slaughtered, it appeared they were struck before the attack on Faern. We buried them as best we could while Vanian rested. He was so weary from his time in Zaunduill that he slept for nearly a week. When he finally did wake up he was acting strange. After talking to him, he attacked us with magic and showed us that he was actually Dethanus possessing Vanian. After deciding that we did not know what he wanted to know, he left Vanian. After making sure it was actually Vanian we traveled to Faern to help Cionur. Immediatly after arriving Quello’Elehna, Tavahtan, and their guards went to speak with the king.

When we were digging out the Earth Shaker, Vince’s machine, I found a gorgeous stone tablet, I knew that it was precious and needed to be protected so I put it on my inside tunic’s pocket under my armor. We proceeded to try to free the machine so we could get Cionur out, when a weird looking meteor fell from the sky. Out of the small crater came a man in black fullplate that his all of his features and a greatsword with green glowing runes on it.

He proceeded to attack us and killed or incapacitated all but Vince, who was still digging out the Earth Shaker, and myself. He then proceeded to talk to me and tried to convince me to join him. I refused and asked why would he come just for me. He said he needed me to come join him to become like him, and he then removed his helm to show me that he was in fact undead. We continued to talk and during our discourse I came to the conclusion it was my father.

During our discussion Darigan rose from the ground and started to transform. I believed it was some form of his magic, his form grew large to that of a half-dragon he grew wings and his right limb regenerated, but I digress. He then joined the conversation and convinced the undead to “take a walk” with him. The flew away, Darigan on his wings and my father on a flying horse of pure black, and talked.

With the threat gone I proceeded to get help from the Dwarven clerics to heal and resurrect my fallen allies. Shortly after I returned with the clerics, Darigan came back by himself, he said he had made a deal with my father that if I could learn magic he would not come back for me.

to be continued….........

The Campaign So Far

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