Fal'Kornari Ro'Dethanus


Fal’Kornari Ro’Illith: Male Illith Large Dragon; Augmented Humanoid (Human)Shapechanger HD 10d12+50,9d12+45; hp 323; Init 3; Speed 40ft/x4 Fly 80ft/x4 AC 26 (dex +3), touch 13, flat footed 23; Base Attack / Grapple: +19/+14/+9/+4 / +31 Full Atk +37/+32/+27/+22 Two Handed (3d6+22;17-20/x2, Downfall +10 Keen Great Sword); or Full Atk +39/+34/+29/+26 Two Handed (1d10+24+2d6;17-20/x2, +10 Keen Dragonbane Bastard Sword) SA & SQ Fast Healing 5(Ex), Fire Immunity, Cold Immunity, Electricity Immunity, Acid Immunity, Feather Fall 2/day, Suggestion 3/day, Rock to Mud or Mud to Rock 1/day, Geas/Quest 1/day, Darkvision 60ft, Immune to Sleep, Immune to Paralysis, Water Breathing, Draconic Fury, Forceful Reversal, Spell Resistance +10, Enemy of Dragon, Commanding presence, Draconic Destruction, Draconic Destruction, and David & Goliath. DR 20/-, Breath Weapon Fire 30 ft cone 6d8 Fire DC 25; SV Fort + 18, Ref +16, Will +17; Str 28, Dex 16, Con 20, Int 19, Wis 18, Cha 17; Skills and Feats: Hide +25, Intimidate +26, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +26, Knowledge (Relgion) +26, Listen +26, Move Silently +25, Search +26, Spot +26, Tumble 14, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Run, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, and Dragon Foe(Draconomicon 105).

DSM-V Multiaxial Assesment Fal’Kornari Ro’Dethanus
Axis I Intermittent Explosive Disorder 312.34, Pyromania 312.33, Histrionic Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, Nicotine 292.9 Related disorder Not Otherwise Specified, Sexual Sadism 302.84
Axis II Antisocial Personality Disorder 301.7, Narcissistic Personality Disorder 301.81
Axis III Eternal Damnation
Axis IV Single, displays, is aware and proud of his antisocial actions. None of Fal’kornari’s behaviors interfere with the day to day of his life, but rather synergies with his work.
Axis V 100

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Fal'Kornari Ro'Dethanus

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